2017 Cybersecurity Value Study How Do Organizations View the ROI of Cybersecurity?

They have become two of the more common cybersecurity questions in boardrooms worldwide: "Are we secure enough?" "Are we getting proper value from our cybersecurity investments?" Tough questions and even tougher to answer when security leaders don't have benchmarks and metrics in place to gauge their cybersecurity controls and investments.

Participate in the 2017 Cybersecurity Value Study to help answer these important questions.

Be a part of helping us:

  • Understand how organizations measure the value of their cybersecurity investments.
  • Identify metrics and benchmarks that can and should be used to measure the value of cybersecurity solutions.

Arm yourself with key data and insights, so you can have a ready answer the next time the board asks you about security and value.

  1. Given your level of risk, do you believe your organization currently has adequate cybersecurity defenses?
  2. Do you believe your organization is more or less cybersecure than peer organizations in your industry?
  3. Given your level of risk and cybersecurity investments you have made, do you believe your organization is currently receiving proper return on investment?
  4. Do you believe your organization's cybersecurity ROI is greater or lesser than at peer organizations in your industry?
  5. How do you currently assess the ROI or value of your organization's cybersecurity investments?
  6. Has your organization been a victim of at least one cyber-attack or data breach in the past year?
  7. How likely is it that your organization will be a cyber-attack target in the next year?
  8. Which type of threat actor do you believe poses the biggest threat to your organization?
  9. Given the threat landscape and your perceived risk profile, how secure do you want your organization to be?
  10. What do you believe to be the biggest obstacles preventing your organization from being as cybersecure as you want it to be? (select all that apply)

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