ScanToSecure - New, Small-Business, Website Scanning Tool Delivers Security at Low Cost

ScanToSecure - New, Small-Business, Website Scanning Tool Delivers Security at Low Cost

Mavituna Security, a UK firm based in London and comprised of an ambitious, talented team working from around the globe, today launched ScanToSecure, a website-security scanning tool that runs in the cloud.

Getting down to cyber brass tacks

ScanToSecure is an all-new, small-business version of Netsparker (one of the leading professional web-security scanning tools on the market—eat your heart out IBM and HP), offering intensive security scanning in a tool that anybody can use. Just check out some of ScanToSecure’s features:

  • Super easy to use: With ScanToSecure, the user can launch an enterprise-grade security scan of their website in seconds, using a simple three-step wizard and since ScanToSecure runs in the cloud, there are no downloads or installations.
  • False-positive-free scans: ScanToSecure actively exploits suspected vulnerabilities in a completely safe, nondestructive manner and proves those security issues are real, beyond a doubt.
  • Rigorous vulnerability checks: ScanToSecure test websites using an array of vulnerability checks, including those for SQL injection; cross-site scripting; command, frame, and HTTP-header injections; sensitive-file accessibility; brute-force bypassing; and much, much more.
  • Reports: The user can output a report of the completed scan, a comparison report that compares the website’s current status with any previous deployments and a trending report to track the website’s security over time.

Those with an online startup or small business need real security that’s scaled to their needs—not dealing with a slew of tech mumbo jumbo or getting mired in the ever-changing cyber battlefield. ScanToSecure takes care of that.

The team behind ScanToSecure are keenly aware of the fact that many small-business owners have been overwhelmed with the breadth of security advice and countermeasures available. In fact, many small businesses respond to this in the only way they know how: by doing nothing. Such a choice often leads to disastrous consequences. ScanToSecure solves this.

ScanToSecure delivers enterprise-grade technology in an affordable, user-friendly package that’s as easy as the click of a button (seriously). This powerful, meticulous, automated scanning tool will expose the security vulnerabilities in any website and guide owners through the steps needed to fix them.

How do time-pressed entrepreneurs know ScanToSecure will deliver real results? Well, first of all, Mavituna Security shares the same roots they do. It is itself a startup (full of penetration testers, no less). Being able to offer real solutions to small businesses—a security tool that bridges the gap between doing too much (costly) and doing too little (dangerous)—is something Mavituna Security is honored and strongly driven to do.

Moreover, the folks that created ScanToSecure are confident that their tool will provide each small business with substantial gains in online security, while requiring considerably less investment of sweat (perhaps none at all) or capital. Users can quickly take care of their web security and move on to bigger and better things.

What’s the cost?

With ScanToSecure there is no large, up front licensing cost. Instead ScanToSecure licensing uses flexible, low cost pricing models designed specifically for tech startups and smaller web-based businesses. Subscription plans offer unlimited scanning of a single web domain with larger plans available for multi-domain users and pay-as-you-go options for occasional users. No matter which plan they choose, users will receive unlimited one-on-one support.

When it comes to web security, the ScanToSecure team knows what small businesses need, and what they don’t. Both matter equally. After all, this company is in essence its user, a startup, and it believes in offering an honest product that solves real problems—there’s no fluff here. ScanToSecure simply works, and that’s profoundly important to this innovative group.

The ScanToSecure team is undeniably working in its wheelhouse—online security. Their technology, in turn, will enable users to work in theirs, so they can focus their energy where it needs to be, whether on their business, their bottom line, or that excellent cup of coffee—or their next creative innovation.

For more information on ScanToSecure, please visit our US partner Portcullis Inc on booth 3007 at RSA, 26th -28th February 2013 or contact Eric Christensen at Portcullis Inc, 505 Montgomery Street, 
10th and 11th Floor, 
San Francisco, CA 94111. 

Tel: 415 874 3104 
Fax: 415 874 3001 or see our website:

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