10 Ways to Mitigate the Risk of a Data Breach Disaster

10 Ways to Mitigate the Risk of a Data Breach Disaster

The best way to handle a serious data breach is to prevent it. While no security system is 100% effective, it's been noted that a substantial number of major breaches were very preventable. But organizations didn't take what can be simple and inexpensive steps to close the holes that are often exploited by those who want your data. In this session, you'll see ten ways- from simple tasks to managing rules - that you can prevent the next attack against your data from succeeding, and how to reduce damages if an incident occurs.

Join this session for expert and practical insight on:

  • How simple actions can significantly reduce the risk of a data breach
  • Specific steps you can take to avoid preventable breaches
  • How you can work with your vendors, outsourcers and other trusted parties to reduce your risk.


As the investigators of hundreds of data breaches and hacking incidents ranging from corporations to presidential campaigns, Kroll has proven that many serious incidents could have - and should have - been prevented. Simple actions on the part of the victim company could have avoided incidents that ultimately cost companies millions of dollars. While dozens of vendors offer products which can be effective, many of the solutions you need are simple - and many can be accomplished at little cost.

With the unique knowledge gained from years of investigating incidents and analyzing evidence in breach cases, the Kroll team identified 10 ways in which breaches could be prevented - or at least mitigated when they occur.

If you maintain sensitive data - whether it is personal data, health data, intellectual property or non-public corporate information - you are at risk. Learn how organizations are reducing that risk and defeating simple attacks that can result in a preventable data disaster.

  • How intruders get into systems and extract data - and how many of their tricks can be defeated with simple measures.
  • Get a plan that will enable you to determine how your current defenses stack up against the most common attack profiles.
  • How effective planning not only reduces your risk, but reduces the damage if an attack is successful.

This is a must-attend for any organizational leader who has experienced a breach and particularly for leaders who understand that the best breaches are the ones you've prevented.

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