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Defending Against Phishing: Case Studies and Human Defenses

Defending Against Phishing: Case Studies and Human Defenses

In recent years, sending a seemingly innocent email to trick the recipient into allowing unauthorized access to corporate and organizational networks has cost businesses millions of dollars. End users have become sensitive to highly publicized cyber-attacks, knowing that their personal data is at stake.

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As phishing attacks continue to succeed, most organizations struggle to improve their defenses against it. When addressing the phishing threat, we can't solely depend on security technologies. We must condition end users to identity and report suspected phishing emails.


With 91% of cyber-attacks originating with spear phishing, the attack vector is firmly established as the top entry method for hackers trying to access corporate networks. In spite of a variety of security technologies available today, data breach reports continue to highlight the substantial lag between incident occurrence and detection. Often, response mechanisms kick in hundreds of days after the initial compromise.

How exactly do attackers use a simple phishing email to cause crippling data breaches, and what can we do about it? Governments, enterprises, and organizations need to make it harder for attackers by leveraging and investing further into a resource they already have: their users. "All it takes is one" no longer has a negative meaning when users are a timely source of threat intelligence.

In this webinar, PhishMe's COO, Jim Hansen, will draw on his 25 years in law enforcement and IT security to discuss:

  • Conditioning employees to identify and avoid phishing attacks
  • Empowering users to quickly and easily report suspicious emails
  • Analyzing suspicious emails to provide contextual real-time attack intelligence
  • Attack case studies & attacker technique analysis

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