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Demystifying Threat Intelligence

Demystifying Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence is one of the biggest buzzwords in the information security space. While organizations know that they need threat intelligence, many remain unsure of what the term really means. Is it a feed? Is it a collection of random security intelligence? What should organizations expect from threat intelligence? How can they use threat intelligence to improve security? This webinar will demystify threat intelligence. Viewers will learn:

  • A true definition of threat intelligence;
  • The steps of the threat intelligence lifecycle;
  • How their organization can leverage threat intelligence for improved situational awareness.


The term "threat intelligence" emerged rapidly onto the information security scene over the last several years, and many security vendors now offer threat intelligence services to customers. Since there is no standard industry definition of threat intelligence, not everyone defines it the same way. As a result, the term threat intelligence is so broadly used in the security industry that the true definition of "intelligence" is sometimes lost. Some threat intelligence services being offered in the market today are not offering true intelligence at all - they are simply offering access to minimally analyzed (or even raw) data. As noted intelligence expert Will Agrell famously said, "When everything is intelligence, nothing is intelligence."

When intelligence is understood and utilized properly, enterprises can realize great value. Actionable threat intelligence is the result of a rigorous process, with defined goals and targets in mind.

Rob Kraus, Director of the Solutionary Security Engineering Research Team (SERT) will discuss the definition of threat intelligence, the value of actionable threat intelligence and what organizations should expect from threat intelligence services. This webinar will:

  • Define what threat intelligence is and its importance to information security;
  • Discuss the growth of threat intelligence services;
  • Document the steps in the intelligence process;
  • Provide a foundation for those considering threat intelligence services;
  • Show how enterprises can improve security through enhanced situational awareness.

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