Privacy Essentials for Security Leaders: What You Need to Know

Privacy Essentials for Security Leaders: What You Need to Know

The cost of a data breach or privacy violation goes far beyond compromised records to include hard-dollar expenditures for breach notification, credit monitoring, regulatory fines and legal fees. Not to mention the immeasurable cost of reputation loss.

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To avoid these losses, security leaders are increasingly partnering with privacy professionals to help ensure adequate policies and safeguards against external and internal threats.

In this session, Michelle Dennedy, Chief Privacy Officer at McAfee, discusses the privacy fundamentals that every security leader should understand to help assure data protection and regulatory compliance. Attend this session to learn the privacy officer's perspective on:

  • The distinct roles of privacy and security, and where they meet;
  • Essential elements of privacy and data protection, including the latest global regulatory trends;
  • How to practice better privacy, including tips on conducting a privacy asset review and securing resources to fund privacy initiatives.

This session is a must-attend for any security professional that needs to learn more about the growing role of privacy.


Mobility has brought privacy to the forefront. Increasingly, organizations are providing new services and conducting new business on mobile devices. And regulators such as the Federal Trade Commission have offered new guidelines specific to ensuring privacy protections for the users of mobile devices.

This enhanced focus on privacy forces security leaders to answer fundamental questions:

  • How does the organization currently use, store and protect personal information to prevent a data breach?
  • And should a breach occur, how would the organization respond and ensure the ongoing protection of this information?

These are privacy questions that increasingly play a role in organizations' breach prevention and response strategies. And to be effective, security leaders better know the answers - from a privacy officer's unique perspective.

At McAfee, Chief Privacy Officer Michelle Dennedy understands the necessity of taking proactive steps to protect privacy and to work with security to minimize the risk and impact of a data breach.

In this webinar, Dennedy leads an important discussion about the fundamental differences in the roles played by privacy and information security professionals, as well as their mutual understanding of data security. She also discusses the key elements of implementing a unified privacy policy, and effective actions a security officer can take to improve privacy practices within the organization. Dennedy also discusses:

  • Fostering Privacy: by initiating a cultural transformation within organizations on how employees treat and store data;
  • Collaboration of Privacy and Security: in building the right team, establishing accountabilities and initiating in-depth privacy awareness programs;
  • Breach Response: by understanding the top privacy risks, breach impact, legislative rules and actions to be taken in the event of a breach.

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