Riders on the (Cyber) Storm: The Data Breach is Coming. Are You Prepared?

Riders on the (Cyber) Storm: The Data Breach is Coming. Are You Prepared?

You can't stop cyberattacks from happening altogether, but you can take proactive measures to better weather the storm and reduce the risk of damage. Among the keys to surviving a cyberattack is mitigating risk on the assets and the network layer. That includes knowing what and where your data resides in the network topology, what security controls are in place to protect those assets, and how they are at risk. Not all risks are the same for every asset. After all, you don't need to protect your public-facing marketing data with the same resources as you do your intellectual property or your financial and legal plans for building your company.

This Expert Focus will look at how to:

  • Build a proactive security program that eliminates your riskiest attack vectors
  • Ward off would-be attackers and quickly containing attacks in progress

There are no silver bullets to stop every cyberattacker from entering your network, but - with the right preparation - you can limit the volume of incidents requiring focused attention and keep potential losses to a minimum.

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